PRO Control Smart Remote Control

Pro-Control bridges the gap between price and performance

Many smaller projects with only a limited amount of AV installation don’t justify the use of large-scale control systems. This is where PRO Control come into play with their robust, versatile and affordable control system.

The PRO Control system is designed to be simple and easy to use for the client as well as for the integrator. It is based on three available handsets, all in classic “button” remote style. The PRO24.z and PRO24.r models also feature touchscreens with fully customizable graphical interfaces. The PRO24.z's display even shows feedback from the controlled devices as it uses bi-directional Zigbee communication (2.4GHz). The PRO24.r sends one-way RF-commands on 433MHz. The display- less iPro.8 supports both RF standards.

An iOS app is also available to control all functions, and the various input devices can be used together in the same system. Two processors are at the integrator’s disposal to execute the commands sent by the remotes: the ProLink.z (Zigbee, two RS232 ports, six IR ports) and the ProLink.r (433MHz, four IR ports). Configuration of the entire system is done with the provided easy-to-use drag-and-drop software.

Sometimes less is indeed more, and with PRO Control it's possible to realize many projects easier, quicker and more cost-efficient than before without any compromise in functionality.