Joan – the simplest meeting room booking system

Introducing the Joan Desk Booking app

Social distancing may sound simple in that there must be at least a 1.5m space between each person. However, when it comes to implementing this rule with limited resources (office spaces), it becomes much more difficult to manage. Namely, what we’ve seen is that companies around the globe are alternating between working from home and the office using rotating schedules, with the aim of limiting workplace capacity to 80% or less.

With those limitations, managing office space can be extremely time-consuming. Imagine creating a seating chart for your whole office, taking into account everyone’s wishes while making sure that you’re still following all of the health regulations.

There’s got to be a better way. And there is:

At Joan, we are developing a desk booking app which will allow employees to book their seat directly from their phone. In addition, a dashboard will clearly show who’s in the office each day and enable HR managers to book time slots for individual teams.  

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Joan helps you find and book meeting rooms, office spaces, huddle spaces, and desks. It shows current meeting information, and the upcoming meetings. It eliminates meeting interruptions by clearly showing whether the room is taken and until when.  

What makes Joan a great office solution?

  • No cables, no wires, no drilling: Joan devices could be attached anywhere, even on glass.
  • Simple installation: Connects with an existing calendar through Wi-Fi in minutes. And simple to use too.
  • Energy-efficient: The only battery-powered solution on the market with autonomy on a single charge measured in months.
  • Advanced security: no data stored on the device.
  • All-in-one proprietary solution: completely tailor-made hardware and software to solve meeting room management challenges.
  • Trusted by enterprises around the globe: Joan is used daily by more than 8 million of people 
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Simple. Slick. Cordless.

The simplest solution for the modern workplace

With the E-Ink display and a slick design, the Joan devices fit in any office and on any surface. Even on glass.

Joan 6

Ideal for managing small meeting rooms and huddle spaces

  • 6-inch (4:3)
  • Touchscreen
  • Front LED light
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Up to 3 months of battery life


Joan 13

For large conference rooms, boardrooms and office receptions

  • 13-inch (16:9)
  • Non-Touch
  • Great overview of meetings, team availability, and rooms information.
  • Up to 12 months of battery life

Joan on Displays

All of your meeting information in one place

  • It shows organizer names, the number of confirmed attendees and available rooms.
  • Non-touch features can be used on any screen in the office.
  • Works on any AV brand

Joan subscription plans

Joan works on subscription plans

With subscription plans, Joan is enabling customers to decide on the level of office experience best suited for their office managing needs. 

A free 30-day access to all features

Your first purchased device comes with a free access to our Premium plan for the first 30 days. Make an informed decision, test all of Joan's features first to find the right plan for you later.

More about subscription plans

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