Can Evoko view logos?

No, it is not possible in order to keep a clear arrangement.

Is the view of the display customizable

No, the view is fixed.

Is it possible to turn off the touch function on the display?

It is not possible, but individual functions of the panel can be disabled using the included software.

Can I adjust initial configuration of Evoko directly on the server?

Yes, using the included control-software you can configure the display and update the software.

Are there different versions of Evoko? (Different sizes, colors etc.)?

No, Evoko is available in one version, only.

Is there also a built-in version of Evoko?

No, Evoko is designed to be mounted on the surface. The reason is that there is a light slit between the wall panel which reflects on the wall. As a result, red or green light is visible from a far distance, especially useful in long corridors.

Do I need to buy software licenses for each panel?

You do not need to buy additional software. Everything you need to run Evoko is inclusive.

Which software is required to run EVOKO?

Evoko requires only one exchange server and a user interface on Outlook. Since the beginning of 2014 it is also possible to link EVOKO to Lotus Notes. Evoko does not disturb the IT security of the company.

Isn't Evoko expensive as a "door sign"?

Evoko is more than just a simple door sign. Evoko enables to book a room using the computer at work, or on the go with your smartphone or tablet PC. Moreover, it is possible to do evaluations using Evoko. Compared to other devices with similar features, Evoko is rather inexpensive.

What do I do if Evoko gets broken

Please contact COMM-TEC.

Is EVOKO a new system on the market?

Evoko exist since around 2009. Therefore it is a fully-developed system. In order to meet the changing needs of the business environment, there are regular software updates.

Is there a reference list of customers?

Leading companies worldwide are using Evoko already.
Evoko is not allowed to handle out written information about other companies because of their private policy.
If you have any further question on this topic, please feel free to contact us.

Does EVOKO communicate with other Evoko room booking systems as well?

Evoko is a "closed system" so it is not designed for integration with other systems.

Can I add a monitor to the Evoko, for example in the entrance area, to give an overview ?

Yes this is possible using outlook.

Can I choose between different languages?

Yes, you can choose between the following languages:
Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, Galician, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Does Evoko also run with batteries?

No. Evoko requires a power supply or POE.

Is there also an Evoko with wireless transmission?

Evoko requires a LAN connection in order to keep data secure. However, Evoko can be run via Wi-Fi with some effort (not provided by the manufacturer).

Where is the production of EVOKO?

EVOKO is produced in Europe.

Who is EVOKO?

Evoko is a subsidiary of Smart Media Solutions Sweden.