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ClickShare The essence of a meeting is people coming together to collaborate.

But true collaboration is often difficult when only one person controls the room’s main display, deciding what is shown and what is not. How often has the hassle of switching the video cable prevented you from sharing something?
ClickShare introduces meeting room democracy – where everyone has the opportunity to be on-screen. Up to four people simultaneously. The enhanced collaboration will change meeting dynamics forever.

  • Wireless transmission of your laptop screen content via USB port
  • Plug & Play: No exceptions!! Plug the ClickShare button into one of your USB ports and click the button. That's it! Works with both Windows and Mac
  • No software installation necessary
  • Up to four participants can show their content simultaneously on a 4-split screen. (CSC only)
  • Reliable, stable WLAN transmission via 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • ClickShare uses it's own WLAN network, no need to sign on to or configure existing WLAN networks in the building

ClickShare – the solution for every conference room

Comparison CSM - CSC

The ClickShare Systems


For enterprise rollouts which require enhanced security features or central management, the CSE-200 delivers full HD and comes with two Buttons enabling two to share on screen at the same time


Ideal for collaboration rooms & meeting spaces where sharing is needed, this standalone model delivers 4K resolution to meeting room displays and includes two buttons for instant sharing


In addition to notebooks and mobile devices, CSE-800 can now also easily and simply integrate cable-connected sources. The unique ClickShare experience and the maximum ease of use are the top priority for this system.

It´s that easy

Connect click share

Plug in one of the ClickShare Buttons into your MAC or PC laptop. Click the button, and the content of your display will be  transmitted immediately to the ClickShare Base Unit through the wireless connection. The Basis Unit is connected  to your projector via DVI. 

You may use as many ClickShare buttons as you require: the person who clicks his Button will have his content displayed throught the projector.

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ClickShare brings flexibility and reliability to the offices of German IT consultancy Adesso
As a major player in the dynamic IT industry, Adesso wants to ensure that the many meetings and presentations in its Munich office proceed as smoothly as possible. After a disappointing experience with a wireless audiovisual collaboration solution, the IT consultancy was wary when Kiessling Medientechnik proposed ClickShare. Yet a quick trial convinced Adesso that wireless, cost-effective, reliable and flexible solutions are indeed possible.

Carnival Marine and AIDA Cruises: two new, enthusiastic ClickShare customers
Why do an ever-increasing number of companies fall for our ClickShare collaboration system? Because it’s wireless. Because it’s easy to use. And because it’s flexible, i.e. compatible with all kinds of fixed and mobile devices. In Germany, we were delighted to welcome Carnival Marine and AIDA Cruises to the ranks of ClickShare’s new fans.

ClickShare in the Virtual Dimension Center Germany 
ClickShare guarantees an interaction, which you need during workshops

ClickShare in the VDE Deutschland.
„After testing ClickShare everyone was enthusiastic“

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