amina: Truly Invisible Architectural Speakers

Truly invisible speakers that seamlessly integrate into any interior design and deliver great sound are no longer a dream, thanks to Amina architectural speakers. 

Amina architectural speakers can be installed into walls or ceilings and only need very little space for installation. They can be covered with plaster, wallpaper or paint and their wide dispersion angle means they can be put in ideal locations according to the specific room’s acoustical conditions.

All this is possible because Amina speakers follow a different principle than most other speakers. Instead of the moving cone diaphragms in conventional speakers they use a very thin and extremely lightweight composite board made of high-tech materials. An exciter is used to transform the music signal into vibrations in order to emit sound waves across the board’s entire surface area, just like the whole body of a violin is used to amplify the sound of a single string. The result is very even, wide and homogenous sound dispersion – or, in less technical terms: Great sound everywhere!

Thanks to this unique design principle Amina speakers can be hidden under most plasters, wallpaper and even under certain other materials like non-ceramic tiles or leather and still work perfectly. This opens virtually endless opportunities to integrate sound into any interior design.

To add even more flexibility, the Amina range of products includes low impedance models that can be used together with any conventional amplifier as well as models for use in commercial 100/70 Volt installations. A range of in-wall subwoofers to complement the sound are also part of the Amina portfolio, as are a variety of back boxes, fire hoods and other installation materials.