Hospitality TVs

All in One Displays for Hotels

  • Hospitality Displays
  • Integrated Set Top Box
  • Integrated WLAN Access Point
  • Remote Management
  • Privacy compliant guest data management

» Vestel

  • User-friendly menu navigation
  • USB cloning of settings
  • Public display and hotel mode
  • WebOS integrated

» LG

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Room-and Media Control

Intuitive Comfort for your Guests

  • Freely programmable control system
  • Freely designable Touch GUIs
  • Comprehensive operating concept for all tasks
  • Table-, Wall- and Handheld Control Devices
  • Solid and versatile control
  • Intuitive handling
  • For a reasonable price


  • iPad Docking Station
  • Controling functions
  • Wall- or Table models
  • Secured removal
  • Battery-saving charging


  • IP-Bus-Devices
  • Control devices via LAN or Wifi
  • RS-232, Infrared or contact inputs
  • Video-, Voltage and Contact Sensors

» Global Caché

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Background Sound System

Audio experiences immersive and operationally reliable

  • 360° Wireless Speaker
  • Easy to install
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Large cover
  • Fast and flexible adapted to any spatial requirement
  • Sound Systems for fixed Installation
  • For all Room sizes
  • For all audiophile needs
  • Inclusive Control solution
  • Surface-mounted and recessed Speaker
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Mixing Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers


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Installation Speaker

Visually discreet to invisibly acoustically striking

  • Invisible Installed Speaker
  • Can be plastered or Wallpapered over it
  • Great Sound Perfect Integrated
  • Wall and ceiling speaker of the extra Class
  • From the Inventors of the built-in speaker
  • Outdoor Speaker and Subwoofer
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Multi Room Audio

Your desired program in the entire house

  • Modern Multi Room System for highest demands
  • Easy and flexible at installations and subsequent changes
  • Operation over Mirage App, OSD, Wall buttons box or Control fields
  • Hi-Res Audio 192 kHz/24 Bit
  • Supports all popular Streaming Services
  • Expandable up to 32 Streams in 96 Zones
  • Drivers for all Professional Control Systems available
  • Controling
  • Audio/Video Signal Distribution
  • Multi Zone amplifier
  • From a single source



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Signal Management

Every Signal in the right quality at the right place

  • Wide range in Signal Mangement Products, which connects every source and every display
  • From VGA to DisplayPort; From classic Splitter/Switcher to AV over IP
  • The best and most reliable HDBaseT and Glass Fiber Extender on the market
  • Fast Switching Technology (FST) and  EDID-Management for optimized performance
  • PRO AV: Signal Splitter via H.264/H.265, JPEG.2000 or SVDoE. HDMI and HD-Base-T Matrix- and Extender solutions
  • WyreStorm Essentials Series: Simple Plug-and-Play-HDMI-Splitter for 4K and HD
  • Switches created for AV over IP
  • Dedicated, web-based AV-GUI
  • Profiles/Templates for example: AV over IP, NDI, Q-SYS and Dante for comfortable Configuration


  • Tabletop Connection Panels
  • Signal Splitter
  • Connection Modules
  • AV- and Network cables
  • Adapters
  • Customized lengths and labels
  • High Quality cable and adapter for Audio, Video, USB, Network, Glass Fiber and Power supply
  • Signal Management Products
  • Network components 
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Safe Mounting – installed or mobil

  • Unique fine adjustability
  • Wide choice of accessoires
  • Suitable Mount for any type of Installation
  • Well thought out mounting system for Displays and LEDs with outstanding design
  • Wide range of motorized Solutions
  • Cutomized Products for your needs
  • Customized LED Mounts
  • Great choice of Mounts Solutions
» Chief » SMS - Smart Media Solutions
» Peerless AV
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Air Cleaner

Clean Air for fresh Ideas

  • Clean Air for everyone– Air Cleaner with UV-A Photocatalysis
  • 99,9% Decomposition of contaminants
  • Elimination of pollutants instead of filtering
  • Low maintenance cost




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