Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays for Lessons and Presentations

  • Interactive Multitouch Displays for exciting lessons
  • Android 8.0 integrated
  • Excellent Software package with ENGAGE
  • Interactive Touch Displays
  • Android 9
  • Easy-to-use, personalized user Interface
  • Very Good Price/Performance ratio
  • Interactive Touch Displays
  • Android 8.0
  • Easy to connect and share
  • Wireless sharing of the Desktop

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Document Cameras

Present intuitively with all templates and objects

  • Visualizer - interactive Learning-Technologies
  • Desktop- & ceiling Camera
  • Integrated power supply
  • Flexible Gooseneck
  • 5 year Warranty
  • The Best Price/Performance ratio
  • ELMO Visualiser - Presentation technology at the highest Level
  • Leading Manufacturer


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PTZ Cameras

So you can be seen even from the last row of the Room

  • PTZ- and Auto Tracking-Cameras for Live Operation and Lecture Recordings
  • Sony Chip inside
  • USB, SDI, NDI, HDMI Outputs can be used simultaneously
  • 4K Resolution
  • 128 Presets
  • Controllable and intelligent Auto Tracking-Video Cameras
  • Top Quality
  • Closed System


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Lecture Capture and Streaming

Stream Lectures and Seminars live or make them available as Recordings

  • Lecture Recordings, Cataloging and providing in a comfortable way
  • Video Content Management System
  • Lecture and Seminar Recordings
  • Video Live Streaming / Broadcasting
  • Screencast setting
  • Capture, Scale, mix, encode, stream, record, and play back high-definition Video footage
  • Recording and  Live-Switching
  • All in one Solution
  • Recording and Streaming up to 6 sources 
  • Creation of any Layouts
  • All in one TV Studios
  • Only one Network Cable for Signal and Camera Control (NDI Workflow)
  • Professional, graphic Solutions on Board
  • Direct Integration of Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • Direction Solutions


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Assitive Listening

Comprehensibility and Inclusion - Breaking Down Barriers

  • Assistive Listening for Hearing impaired
  • Audio Guide Systems for noisy Environments and large Groups of Visitors
  • Campus-wide Wireless Microphone Solutions



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Mounts and Carts

Providing a secure hold- especially in the rough and tumble of daily life in School

  • Unique fine adjustability
  • Great choice of Accessoires
  • Suitable Mounts for any type of installation
  • Well thought-out mounts for Displays and LEDs with outstanding Design
  • Great choice of motorized Mounts
  • Customized Products for your needs
  • Customized LED Mounts
  • Large Selection of Mounts
  • Leader in Video- Wall Mounts
  • Motorized Mounts for Displays and Projectors in the Pro AV area
  • Customized solutions tailored to customer needs
  • Easy electrification and wiring of workstations and Conference Rooms
  • Large Selection of HUB Lenghts
  • Simple and fast installation of the connector panels as surface and under-table installation/ Clip Variation
  • Simple control with extremely wide quiet motor
  • Large Selection of HUB Lenghts
  • Long life with 5 years warranty on the motor
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  • Customized pylon systems for displays
  • Production and delivery in 4 to 6 weeks, made in Germany
  • Large selection of accessories

Joan – The easiest Room Booking System with ePaper Door Signs



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Air Cleaner

Clean Air for fresh Ideas

Clean Air for every Room - Air Cleaner with UV-A Photocatalysis




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