Streaming Solutions

From the Video Studio in a Box to the Perfect Camera

  • Compact  Multi-Camera Video Production Systems
  • NDI Workflow - only one Network cable for Signal and Camera Control
  • Professional Graphic Solutions on Board
  • Direct Connection to Teams, Youtube, etc.
  • Control Panels / All-in-One TV Studio
  • Live TV Production Studio
  • 4K Recording and Streaming up to 6 sources
  • Youtube's "Favorite-" Streaming Device
  • Live Switching
  • Perfect for mobile use
  • USB Capture Cards for all common Signales
  • PTZ and Auto Tracking Cameras
  • NDI, HDSDI, HDMI and USB Outputs simultaneously
  • 128 Presets
  • Sony Chip inside
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Video Production

Storage Solution for professional Workflows

  • Shared Media Servers – optimized for Video Production
  • Modern Workflow-Solution for Remote-, On-Site and In-Studio-Video Teams
  • Ultimative Workflow Server for Content Creaters and Editors
  • Accesible from everywhere
  • Modular expandable up to  288 TB





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Video Processing

Video Converting and AV-Signal Distribution on the Highest Level

  • All-in-one Multi-Window Video Processors
  • Ultimative 4K/60-Video Experience for small, medium, and large Video Walls and  LED-Installations without compromises
  • Combination of IP-Stream-Decoding and internal Media Playback as well as AV-, Broadcast- and Legacy AV Connectivity
  • Scale, Convert and Image switching in the 4K-World
  • The highest resolution (4K 60p) and the best color performance (4:4:4-Sampling, 10-Bit-colors)
  • The lowest latency for Scalers of this Level (1 Frame, progressiv)



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Signal Management

Every signal in the right quality at the right place

  • Wide range in Signal Mangement-Products, which connects every source and every display
  • From VGA to DisplayPort; From classic Splitter/Switcher to AV over IP
  • The best and most reliable HDBaseT and Glass Fiber Extender on the Market
  • Fast Switching Technology (FST) and  EDID-Management for optimized performance
  • PRO AV: Signal Splitter via H.264/H.265, JPEG.2000 or SVDoE. HDMI and HD-Base-T Matrix- and Extender solutions
  • WyreStorm Essentials Series: Simple Plug-and-Play-HDMI-Splitter for 4K and HD
  • WyreStorm Office: Webcams and Hands- free system for Home Office
  • WyreStorm UCC: Complete Solutions for the Conference Room
  • Switches created for AV over IP
  • Dedicated, web-based AV-GUI
  • Profiles/Templates for example: AV over IP, NDI, Q-SYS and Dante for comfortable configuration


  • Tabletop Connection Panels
  • Signal Splitter
  • Connection Modules
  • AV- and Network cables
  • Adapters
  • Customized lengths and labels
  • High Quality cable and adapter for Audio, Video, USB, Network, Glass Fiber and Power supply
  • Signal Management Products
  • Network components 
  • Combining platforms for MTR and BYOD video conferencing
  • Share screen, hold video conferences and charge laptop/smartphone/tablet on the go via USB-C port
  • Elegantly designed USB-C desktop sockets allow cables to be tucked under the table
  • No table is too big - expandable up to 16 USB-C ports
  • Switchers & Matrices
  • Extenders
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Scalers & Converters
  • AV over IP
  • Multi-Viewes & Video Walls
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Room Connectivity
  • HSL KM and KVM Devices
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LED Walls

LED-Walls – All-inOne, modular or creativ

  • All-in-One Solution for Conference Rooms
  • Very Good Price/Performance ratio
  • Pioneer in area of Mini LED
  • Incredible Broadcast and Television studio experience
  • Ultra flexible
  • THE Partner for complex applications
  • Direct Wall mounting
  • Full assortimenter for fixed installations Rental, Sports, individual and creative solutions
  • Global Player
  • Wide Portfolio
» AOTO » digiLED » INFiLED

  • European Warehousing
  • Top Built-in deliverability
  • WebOS
  • Micro LED Competence



» LG LED Signage



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Stable Mounting – fixed installation or mobile

  • Unique fine adjustability
  • Wide choice of accessoires
  • Suitable Mount for any type of Installation
  • Sophisticated mounting System for Displays and LED's with outstanding design
  • Wide range of motorized Solutions
  • Customized Products for your needs
  • Customized LED Mounts
  • Large Selection of Mount Solutions
  • Leading in Video Wall Mounts
» Chief » SMS - Smart Media Solutions
» Peerless AV
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Racks and Cabinets

Technology perfectly installed

  • Engineered 19" Racks + Cabinets
  • Perfect Integration in BC Installations
  • Time Saver because of  thoughtful build up and accessoires
  • Simple revision capability at Furniture Integrations or in tight Situations
  • Price attractive Cabinet and  Electronic- for the AV-Installation
  • Huge Variety of  Cabinet Heights and Dephts
  • TÜV certified
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for the Energy Management in Racks
  • PDU with Electricity-, Performance- and Energy measurement
  • PDU for Devices with Country specific plugs.
» Middlle Atlantic Products » Triton » Bachmann
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