Cat. No. 70203362
Manufacturer: Dataton (more about this Manufacturer)
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WATCHPAX 2 is a compact solid-state media player optimized for best performance with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display production software.
WATCHPAX features built-in WATCHOUT software and license.

Dataton WATCHPAX media players combine a compact footprint with great power and performance. WATCHPAX features dual Mini DisplayPort video outputs, doubling the number of displays you can run from a single unit.
WATCHPAX is a dedicated media player for WATCHOUT shows, an alternative to PCs in your rig. It is performance-optimized for use with WATCHOUT with built-in WATCHOUT software and license.
WATCHPAX gives you the power of WATCHOUT production tools without the hassle of fine-tuning computers or running long video cables. Plug in the WATCHPAX and you know you've got the right hardware for the job. No tweaking, no updating of graphics cards, less stress.