Real LCD Poster for Retail Signage Applications

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Android Player or HDMI | Viewing Angle Free | 16:9 and Square-Type Display

Viewing Angle Free

Upload Own Content Remotely

It's dead-easy to upload your own content to the Zygnage display. By using the integrated WiFi module, the screen can be managed remotely through your favorite Digital Signage Application. Integrate Zygnage into your existing DS Network!

Easy To Integrate

Due to its incredible thickness of only 13.9 mm, Zygnage screens can be fitted into any retail space. If mounted on the wall or hang down from the ceiling, Zygnage integrated smoothly into the store environment.

The Perfect Visual Appearance

If you wouldn't know better, the Zygnage displays are looking exactly like a printed canvas or poster. No visible pixels, no reflections, it can't be more realistic. The anti-glare surface also eliminates any light reflection from sorrounding store lighting in order to create the perfect visual appearance.

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