What makes Yamaha ADECIA so special?

1. Sound Quality

Yamaha emphasizes on perfect sound quality. All products are optimized and designed to record and reproduce the original sound as clearly as possible. The Yamaha engineers have been doing this successfully for over 100 years - many Yamaha products have proven that good sound is achievable.

2. Dante-based System

This feature is an advantage for both installer and user. While the components are powered by PoE, DANTE runs on the same network cable. It is a very simple approach- signal, power and control over one CAT cable. This leaves the mess of tangled cables from conventional conference technology in the past!

3. ADECIA Room Controller

The control interface of the system greatly simplifies the operability for the user. This component acts as a connection interface It connects to the ADECIA system and provides various integration solutions for audio or video conference, such as USB connectivity or adding an additional microphone via XLR.

4. Speaker with PoE and DANTE

Speech intelligibility is the decisive point of a conference system. Especially the XVL series line array wall speakers combined with the Room Controller represent this aspect as a perfect example: Echo cancelling, ambient noise cancellation, limiting (and much more) are the key features of reproduction of any audio signal of the conference technology, which is given by the speakers’ DSP function. Again, everything runs over a single CAT cable for each loudspeaker!

5. Ceiling Microphone and Room Acoustics

This aspect is crucial: the brand-new multi-beam tracking technology automatically tracks the voices of different people in a room, no matter how loud the participants speak. The system always levels the speech, resulting in an optimal range for the hearing perception of the audience, thus providing perfect speech intelligibility combined with connected ADECIA components. Furthermore, the microphone and the speakers effect automatic room calibration to optimize the room acoustic for the best possible outcome.


Only Yamaha ADECIA offers all these features in one system.

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