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Vidyo™ has a complete telepresence solution portfolio for universal video conferencing from any end point over any network without requiring expensive network upgrades. Go with Vidyo for room system, desktop, and mobile video conferencing solutions. Regardless of the business or application, Vidyo’s VidyoRouter architecture delivers low latency HD-quality multipoint video conferencing over ordinary data networks to any end-point. .


6 good reasons to choose Vidyo

New Architecture – Telepresence Quality over the Internet

Because of our transcoding-less patented VidyoRouter™ architecture, multipoint VidyoConferencing can be done over general purpose IP networks, including wireless, without experiencing noticeable delays or loss of information. No QoS networks are required for room system connections or desktop connections. Each participant in a Vidyo™ conference experiences the best quality their connection will allow so that someone connecting via wireless in an airport does not dictate the quality for the other meeting endpoints such as an HD room system.

SVC leadership

An investment in Vidyo is an investment in the future. The major forces in unified communications have either implemented or plan to implement a Scalable Video Coding (SVC) based solution for video conferencing. It is clear that SVC is the standard moving forward. Vidyo pioneered the use of SVC in video conferencing in 2005 and we supply the technology that powers 40% of the major forces in unified communications’ solutions. We have a proven product suite based upon SVC that is entering its third generation, and we are now leading the standardization effort to ensure interoperability between all SVC based solutions with Vidyo’s Chief Scientist being elected Chief Editor of the UCIF Task Group for SVC.

Scalable and flexible – even on mobile devices

Put the power of VidyoConferencing in the palm of every users’ hand! Vidyo’s game changing VidyoRouter architecture leverages SVC on a continuum of devices, from hand held to telepresence room systems, all in the same call. What’s more, the infrastructure scales effortlessly and cost effectively to support the massive growth in endpoints that comes with mobile deployment. Go mobile and watch your productivity rise with the quality of relationships formed through face-to-face communication.

Works on hardware and devices you already own

You could spend a fortune on purpose built devices on every desktop of your organization, but why? Our VidyoDesktop™ software is built to run on the Windows, Mac or Linux-based desktop or laptop computers you already have deployed. Just a simple download and anyone is ready to have HD-quality, face-to-face conversations with colleagues from an office, home or wherever their job might take them without the burden or expense of an additional device.

Conferencing distributed in the cloud

The VidyoRouter™ architecture can be deployed as a private, public or blended cloud, making the infrastructure completely transparent to the end users while delivering the cost savings of traffic localization, inherent fi rewall traversal, and the ability to scale to thousands of concurrent multipoint connections. The result is effortless and provides cost effective anytime, anywhere access to the best of breed visual collaboration.

VidyoRoom Systems don’t require purpose built rooms

Turn any standard conference room into a telepresence quality video communication room with VidyoRoom. Just a speakerphone, camera and single or dual screens combine with any VidyoRoom™ system to provide natural, high definition, face-to-face videoconferencing.

The advantages of Vidyo

The Vidyo™ Portfolio

Vidyo Conferencing Infrastrukture

This link offers more information about the  Vidyo Infrastructure and the terminals

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