VESTEL Digital Signage Displays

The Vestel Group is comprised of 24 companies active in the consumer electronics, home appliance, mobile, LED lighting and defense industries in manufacturing, software and technology development, marketing and distribution. In 2014, Vestel received over 66 awards at the most prestigious design competitions worldwide. 90% of total TV and 30% of white goods exports in Turkey are made by Vestel. Furthermore, four out of five LCD televisions produced in Turkey come from Vestel. Vestel has been producing for well-known manufacturers for 25 years.

Product lines from Vestel
The product lines include Digital Signage Displays, Video Wall Displays, LED Wall Displays and Outdoor Totem Displays. The devices include SoC content management systems, integrated connectivity, daisy chain, display control, pixel shifting and USB auto playback, and are available in screen sizes from 43 "to 98".

The range of interactive panel displays ranges from interactive flat screens to Android-based interactive flat screens to capacitive touch displays. The panel displays are available in screen diagonals from 55 "to 86". Among the hospitality displays, deluxe and hotel televisions with screen sizes from 55 "to 55" are available.

Individual branding
From a purchase quantity of 50 displays, the products, outer packagings and operating instructions can be provided with customized branding.

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