The Transformation to the digital classroom

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Digital learning provides students and teachers many opportunities. Interactive and multimedia learning promotes creativity and enthusiasm for learning. A digital classroom can provide students with new learning experiences and perspectives at school. The daily use of digital devices in schools inspires, motivates and encourages students to participate!
In order to teach students how to use digital technology and prepare them for the increasingly digital world, schools must prepare the students with the right technology.


How can a digital classroom look like?


The digital classroom of the future provides the idea, that teachers use a presentation facility at the workplace. Many creative possibilities are offered. Whether an interactive map in geography, the human body as a three-dimensional object or short films in which the students can participate in a round of questions at the end via tablet.

Data can be stored centrally and recalled at any time. The wireless transfer of content to a touch display, whether from the teacher or from students, should also be part of the classroom with an adequate presentation solution in the form of a software or hardware solution.

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The digital whiteboard as a blackboard replacement


The digital whiteboard can be used as a blackboard substitute. Scripts and results can be created by teachers and students with different colors.

The advantage compared to the standard board is that the results can be saved and recalled. This allows teachers to continue their lessons at the exact point where they finished the last lesson, or to remind the students to a note which was on the board hours before - without having to reconstruct board pictures in a time-consuming way!


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Extended possibilities

By a document camera which is located at the teacher's workplace, analogue contents and subjects such as books, stone patterns or insects can be displayed, enlarged and interactively marked on a Newline display. Teachers in chemistry classes, for example, have the opportunity to demonstrate an experiment to their students without them getting up. In addition, images and video recordings can be created, saved and displayed up at any time again.

By using the products of Lumens and Newline you reserve the right to design your system freely, as there are no restrictions regarding the use of a certain software and the associated purchase of licenses. With its flexibility, Newline allows IT and media planners to set up a tailor-made concept for an age-appropriate, school-specific and room specific coordinated classroom solution without exceeding your budget.



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