Luxul Network Components

IP Networks for the AV Professional

IP networks are an integral part of any modern AV system. This is where network solutions by Luxul come into play, as they have been designed with the system integrator in mind and offer a well-balanced feature set, reliable performance and easy setup at a fraction of the cost of enterprise solutions otherwise often used. It’s no surprise that leading AV manufacturers like Wyrestorm, RTi or Autonomic recommend using Luxul network solution with their products.

Luxul offers a wide variety of products, including network switches that are easy to configure and have their ports on the back panel to allow proper rack dressing as well as a range of reliable Wi-Fi solutions, like the Wi-Fi Roaming Controller XWC-1000

Especially in Smart Home scenarios which often various mobile devices for control, it’s important to have dependable Wi-Fi coverage everywhere. Conventional residential Wi-Fi systems often create problems when the connection of one device moves from one access point to another. Enterprise Wi-Fi roaming solutions are available to address this but they are expensive and usually very complicated to set up and maintain. Luxul’s XWC-1000 offers the same kind of functionality for up to 16 access points with a lot less setup required and a considerably smaller price tag.


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