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Innovative Technology

LG electronics, a leading supplier of electronics technology excels in offering comprehensive and indispensable solutions to suit your needs. With our expertise in research and development for the digital signage industry, LG prides itself in providing access to some of the most advanced and flexible products and technologies.

ips panel

Most reliable panel in the market: Leading-edge panel technology

IPS accurately displays the quality and color of an image at a 178° ultra wide viewing angle. There is no fall-off in color accuracy and no diversion in the contrast ratio at wide angles. From bright sunlight to the most challenging lighting environments, the displays are designed to reproduce and maintain the ultimate color temperature for life-like images.

video wall

The world best class bezel video wall: 0.9mm even bezel

LGE has the first video wall display to feature an unprecedented bezel-to-bezel measurement of about 1/16th of an inch, allowing displays to be connected seamlessly with others. This creates a powerful, impactful video wall that becomes less a collection of panels and more a cohesive, continuous image for an engaging, immersive viewer experience.

4k uhd

UHD delivering superior clarity and sharp details even at close viewing distances

The UHD display technology with ultra-close viewing distances and realistic image reproduction allows for a window simulation and alternative in applications where the view is lacking or no windows exist.


The self-emissive OLED Display

  • No Back Light Unit : Light leakage free 
  • No Liquid Crystal Layer : Wide viewing angle, Faster response time
  • Simple Structure : Less components, Slim / sleek design

Perfect Black
Pure black with self-lightning pixels

Perfect Color
Accurate & stable color reproduction

Perfect Viewing Screen
No color distortion from any viewing angle

Perfectly Clear Motion
Vivid & clear image with 5,000 times faster MPRT

Perfect Design
Slim & light design
Future displays with free form factors



SoC-based smart platform

To capture the best of all worlds in digital signage software, LG has created WebOS, a platform for

  • intuitive user experiences
  • simple customization
  • easy connection
  • and convenient management.

WebOS for Signage also enables a variety of web-based applications across multiple platforms(Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, HTML5)

digital signage

Digital Signage

SuperSign is an all-in-one management software that allows the user to control a display and media player and enables creating and distributing digital content. SuperSign includes the client-side PC Editor for creating and editing content, and the server-side Web Editor.


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