Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My JAP Device don't connect! What can I do?

  • First check the Firmwareversion of the devices. All devices must have the same firmware version that they are able to communicate to each other.
  • Exchange the power supplys. It can happen that the power LED is still lit, but the power supply does not deliver enough power to send or receive a stream.
  • Connect two devices directly with a patch cable and see if you get a picture here.

How to do a firmware update ?

The Firmware update can be done over the webinterface of the JAP device. Updating a device will last for around 6 minutes. You can update several devices simultaneously but please keep the webpage of each device open until the update is finished.

You can also use the JAD Config Installer Tool to automatically update the firmware in all connected devices.

You will find the latest Firmware version on the JAP Webpage

How Do I access the webinterface of a JAP device?

To find a JAP device you need a Bonjour Browser. This is a small tool to find Bonjour devices in the Network. It’s not necessary to install the Apple Bonjour Service!

After the start of the Bonjour Browser please click in the left list box on „Web Server (http)“. In the list box on the right, all Bonjour devices which offer a webpage, all found devices will appear. You can identify all Jap device on the descrition:

  • astgateway (Transmitter)
  • astclient  (Reciever)

With a double click on device, a browser will open a webinterface of the selected device. But you have to be in the same network as the JAP device, otherwise it will not work.


  • JAP Transmitter: IP: 169.254.  65.34   Subnetzmaske:
  • Computer:            IP:   Subnetzmaske:

The Webseite runs on port 80.

Is it possible to transmit only an audio signal?

No. It is always neccessary that you have a connected HDMI source to transmit audio. If the HDMI source is disconnected then nothing will be transmitted.
The audio can be received at the transmitter without a connected HDMI sink, and can then be picked up with a stereo jack.

The connected audio source is not working on the JAP transmitter.

The Stereo Audio connector on all JAP transmitters is not an "audio embedder", it is a "audio deembedder".

To embed audio in a JAP system you need either a HDMI-audio embedder (seperate device) or one of the AVP PoE Tx devices, they have a Line In and a Mic In.

Which signals are supported by the 2G+ HD-SDI Transmitter?

The 2G+ HD-SDI Transmitter supports SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signals. Progressive resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz or 1080p@59,94 Hz.

Which HDMI version supports JAP?

The 2G and 2G+ devices support the most of the HDMI 1.3 and a few of the HDMI 1.4 functions. The chipset was designed with and for 1.3 und with firmwareupdates it was possible to add some of the HDMI 1.4 features, like Side-by-Side 3D und top-bottom 3D. On the other hand 4k with 30 fps is not supported.

The 3G devices support HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.

Is HDCP supported?

Yes. Just Add Power devices are HDCP compliant.

What is the latency of the JAP System?

The coding/decoding latency depents on the internal structure of the switch. For the Cisco SG300/SG500 series is the latency around 35 ms. Other brands and modells of networkswitches may have slightly different respons times.

Why does a 720p signal look better than a 1080i signal?

The Just Add Power devices are build for progressiv Signals. The used codec is optimized only for progressive signals. You should try to avoid interlaced signals if possible.

The default setting of the 2G/2G+ devices is to convert 1080i to 1080p. But this can also be changed to convert 1080i to 720p.

If you need that please call the support.

The 3G devices don't work with my switch, but the 2G devices does.

The Jumbo Frames are not turned on in your switch. Please check if you can find this function in your switch and turn it on.

Your find these settings in the Layer 2 functions of the switch.

On a D-Link DGS-3200-10 you will find the settings  under Configuration/Port Configuration/Jumbo Frame Settings

Which color subsampling is used ?

3G+ Series

The firmware 6.00 supports 4:2:0 at 2160p and 4:4:4 at 1080p.

767DSS Dante does not transmit any audio signal.

The image is transmitted but neither at the local HDMI out, nor over the IP line is an audio signal active.

The Dante chip must be active for sound to be transmitted. This is only activated if an active network link is connected to the DANTE port during booting. You do not have to use DANTE but the network cable should go to a switch.

The device can use 8x8 DANTE channels. By default, each output is routed to the respective input. This can be changed via the DANTE controller. The individual channels can be grabbed or fed.

Supports 725 PoE (SDI transmitter) embedded audio through SDI?

If the SDI signal you send to the transmitter has 2 channels of audio then the SDI transmitter will pass that to the endpoints as well as allowing you to pull the stereo audio directly from the transmitter.