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Nowadays, most clients simply expect to be able to control everything with their iPad. But using such a mobile device creates certain challenges – they often get lost and have rather limited battery capacity. The solution: have a dedicated place where the iPad can be stored and charged. And no other manufacturer provides such a solution quite as elegantly as iRoom does with their tailor-made docking stations.

Starting off as system integrators and KNX specialists, the Austrian company is making their iDock already since 2010 – the year the first iPad saw the light of day. And the development started out of necessity: there simply wasn't a docking solution available that would satisfy the system integrators technical demands as well as the sophisticated clientele's esthetic requirements. And still today iRoom products are second to none when it comes to build quality and innovative features like their motorized in-wall solutions.

iRoom now has distributors in more than 70 countries but all engineering and manufacturing still takes place in Austria. As one of only very few manufacturers in Europe, iRoom has gone through the process of certification by Apple and can market their products as “Made For iPad”.

This certification made the latest two products possible. With the iBezel and the iTop, iRoom has turned the docking station into a fully- fledged control point: They include six touch sensitive buttons that can be freely programmed to send custom commands even when the iPad is not docked – for example to play a certain radio station in the Smart Home or to initiate a presentation scenario in a conference room. All communication is IP-based and the button’s functionality can be set up quickly and easily using a dedicated app on the installer’s mobile device in the same network. As iRoom provides drivers for RTi, AMX, Savant and other control systems, the iBezel and the iTop can be put to good use in a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

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