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dnp denmark is the world’s leading brand for optical front and rear projection screens. Best quality of raw materials and the high standard in the production result in screens which enhance the performance of projectors. Thanks to unique features, like ambient light absorbing filters and technologies, the Supernova's optical projection technology guarantees perfect projections even in high ambient light environments.

Supernova STS  NEW: Supernova STS
  perfect projection quality for short distance projectors!





Front projection screens

Front projection screens:
Supernova - revolution of the front projection screens

The dnp Supernova-technology is a breakthrough of optical display-technologies. Up to now, bright and high-contrast images in bright rooms were barely possible using rear projection screens. The Supernova-Series masters these requirements easily as front projection screen.

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Rear projection screens

Rear projection screens:
Market leader's optical screens

Optical screens direct light optimally, so that a homogenous, high-contrast image is created.  Diffusion screens which only sprinkle the light, cannot produce a similar image.

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