digiLED LED Screens

digiTHIN – Remarkably thin, protected against damage, and very easy to install and maintain

Failsafe performance

We understand how important reliability is, that’s why digiTHIN have designed redundancy in wherever possible. This includes, power and data paths, and the option to add online back-up power and data cards.

Sleek, thin, minimalist

Call it what you want, the most striking thing about digiTHIN, apart from the stunning image quality, is its slender good-looks with a depth of just 54mm.

Perfect fit

All digiTHIN products are true 16:9 and can be configured to exact HD resolution; not over, not under, but EXACT 1920x1080p, so you’ll never need to crop or stretch your content.

Vivid, brilliant images

With outstanding contrast, LED screens provide dynamic colour-rich content at a brightness greater than any other display technology that will punch through even high ambient light environments.

Zero installation damage

The traditional method of installing heavy cabinets inevitably leads to damage during installation. With digiTHIN, the system is designed so that the THIN tiles weighing just 400g are mounted after the chassis are in position, totally eradicating collision damage.

Reduced installation costs

With no expensive sub-frame required, due to direct wall mounting, digiTHIN is quick and easy to install, with most HD displays taking less than one day.

A stunning screen

Starts with a super-smooth surface, and digiTHIN’s unique direct wall mounting Z-axis adjustment ensures a perfectly flat display to give superb wide-angle viewing even on uneven walls.

Simple, straight-forward installation

Our day long course provides systems integrators all they need to know to proficiently deliver perfect digiTHIN projects.

Ease of maintenance

Is a key feature of usability. With an LED tile taking all of 10 seconds to swap, with cable-free connection, and every component easily accessible, digiTHIN is a system that can be maintained by anyone.

Cable free

It’s not just the screen surface that looks great, digiTHIN’s clean, cable-free design will never look out of place, however the stylish the environment.

A sound investment

With a potential lifetime of over 10 years, LED screens make a fantastic investment when compared to other display technology. Bigger, brighter, offering more impact and greater reliability.

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Simple planning


Planning a digiTHIN installation is child's play: the individual modules have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a width of exactly 500 mm. There is no need for time-consuming calculations with resolutions, pixels, etc. Instead, we offer you ready-made configurations of HD resolutions from which you can simply select the desired solution.


We can offer you five different pixel spacings to suit every budget and viewing distance.



Of course, any other size is also feasible and can be calculated quickly for the budget calculation through defined prices per module or per square metre; you will usually receive exact prices for your offers from us within a few hours.


Of course, all components such as internal connecting cables and screws, a suitable LED controller and a service tool are included in the offer. So there are no hidden costs, and the transport to you or your customer is of course free of charge within the scope of our transport cost regulation in Germany.

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Simple installation


The digiTHIN modules are extremely flat and can be mounted directly on almost any surface; once the first row is aligned and mounted, the next modules are simply added row by row and connected to the already mounted modules.


Since the individual modules are very light and also very handy, it is easy to assemble them on their own.
After the rough adjustment of the modules (e.g. if the wall is uneven), the LED tiles can be individually adjusted again before they are subsequently inserted.

The result is an absolutely homogeneous and gap-free surface which, due to the low construction depth, is suspended from the wall like an oversized picture.

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Versatile applications

Applications for digiTHIN can be found at


  • retail applications
  • education
  • corporate
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
    Here, the advantages of LED technology can be fully exploited, such as freedom from maintenance, insensitivity to ambient light, noise-free operation, contrast, viewing angle and, of course, brightness.

The small installation depth in particular opens up application possibilities that were previously not possible.


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Suitable for every budget

Depending on the viewing distance, a certain distance between the individual LED pixels ("pitch") is recommended. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more complex the manufacturing process and the more LEDs per area, which has a direct impact on costs.


If you move further away from the LED wall, the individual pixels are no longer visible. digiTHIN is available in pixel pitches of 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.6 mm, 3.1 mm and 3.9 mm and can therefore be optimally adapted to your application.


Since no substructure is required, these costs are of course eliminated; due to the simple installation, the installation of a digiTHIN LED wall is also much faster than with a conventional LED wall, which saves additional costs.

You think LED technology is still too expensive for your application? Just ask us for an offer!


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Proven technology of the highest quality


digiTHIN does not use proprietary solutions for the control, but uses LED controllers and processor cards from the manufacturer Novastar, which have already been tried and tested in thousands of installations worldwide. This guarantees the highest image quality with easy adjustment at the same time.


The individual chassis are made of aluminium and are milled to the exact dimensions with high precision; this guarantees an absolutely accurate connection between the chassis.
The LED tiles are only magnetically fixed after the individual chassis have been connected via power and network cables (which takes place inside the chassis, nothing has to be led to the outside). These are therefore only installed in the last phase of the assembly and are therefore protected from damage.


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If servicing is required, access is from the front: the "dAVE" service tool supplied removes the desired tile quickly and gently using vacuum and provides access to the internal components.


The electrical connection of the tiles is made via robust - redundantly designed - plug contacts, which lock securely via a spring mechanism. The tile is therefore simply set, pressed in slowly and locks reliably.



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Info and Downloads


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eMail: integration@exertisproav.de

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