DaisyNET – presenting in conference rooms

DaisyNET enables conference room users to transport their high resolution AV signals very easily to every display or projector in the room – with a simple touch of a button.

  • Reliable and secure transport without quality loss via HDBaseT up to 100m
  • Cascadable up to 32 devices with standard CAT cables
  • Very easy to install
  • Straightforward and simple usage – connect, click and present
  • Latency-free transmission
  • All current signal types are supported


DaisyNET II - the new 4K generation of the HDBaseT Bus System

DaisyNET - HDBaseT Bus System

The new DaisyNET II is a cascadable multiformat extender with many new, top-notch features. In addition to switching and distributing AV signals, DaisyNET II can now also perform control tasks – and all of it with just one device. 

This professional and yet cost-effective solution enables you to implement even large and demanding projects in a very simple way: Just configure each transceiver via its web interface, cascade the units with a CAT cable, connect your sources and displays, and you´re done.

Many of its new features have been implemented as a result of your feedback to our DaisyNET I: Auto Switching, Group Mode, Audio De-Embedding, IP to RS-232 gateway – just to name a few of them.

And DaisyNET II now supports dozens of resolutions up to 4K@60 Hz which makes it a unique and reliable plug and play solution. No matter what kind of source you connect – DaisyNET II supports it!


  • Transceiver (TRX): Transmitter and receiver in one device » unparalled flexibility with one single device
  • Single cable solution for the conference room:
    Interconnection between tables with only one CAT cable for Video, Audio, Ethernet and command protocols
  • Inputs: HDBaseT, HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.4 and VGA + audio » The most important AV interfaces and technologies are supported, providing a future-proof solution
  • Outputs: HDBaseT, HDMI and analog stereo out
    » No separate audio de-embedder required
  • Flexible EDID-Management » Ensures that the source always sends the optimal signal resolution to the sink
  • USB charging port » Fast charging for smartphones and tables with up to 1500mA
  • Bus or ring topology In a ring-type connection a source can be displayed on the HDMI outputs of all other TRX in the same ring » ideal for training rooms
  • Coverage: 100 meters between each device
    » Very easy implementation of large scale installations
  • Group mode » Large conference rooms installations can be divided logically into different groups for independent signal transmission
  • Source switching: via contact closures, integrated ShowME button, auto switching or via Telnet from a separate control system » unique flexibility
  • Sink control: DaisyNET II can turn your display / projector automatically on and off by CEC or RS232 » replaces a small media control system
  • Network: one Ethernet port each at the front and rear
    » flexible integration
  • Web Interface: configure a transceiver with a simple web browser » Quick installation, no separate software necessary

Typical application

Typical application: DaisyNET

DaisyNET II and Bachmann – The perfect combination for your conference room!

The integrated solution with a DaisyNET II transceiver built into a long version PDU, either in the CONFERENCE or TOPFRAME series.

DaisyNET Bachmann illu1

This relieves you of the extra work and time required to patch together your own, often unsatisfactory, solution. By integrating the DaisyNET II into the elegant and professional Bachmann frames, you can now offer your customers a turn-key, customized complete solution.

DaisyNET Bachmann illu2

The user can now connect his device directly into the DaisyNET II transceiver module. The solution also comes with an integrated 230 V plug and offers the option of integrating a 4-button keypad which can directly select and switch between the DaisyNET II inputs (optional to the ShowMe button).
The system comes preconfigured and assembled by COMM-TEC.

DaisyNET Bachmann illu3

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