COMM-TEC Control

Control Software for all common control gateways

 COMM-TEC offers all-purpose control gateways branded
"COMM-TEC Control" which can be used for
other systems such as AMX*, Crestron*, Cue*, etc.

You will find detailed information about the COMM-TEC Control products in our product database

Interfaces to external systems (DALI)

Specifications - CTG-DALI
Model: DIN-rail modules mount (6 DU)
Material: synthetic material
Features: Supports all standard DALI Functions, Voltage-Supply for max. 64 DALI Devices
Size: 105 x 90 x 59 mm (WxDxT)
Scope of delivery: Gateway, CD with Software, Manual

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Driver Archive for KNX/EIB Gateways

Version Year Files
EIB 8: since 2019 AMX driver - IP Config Tool * - AVIT Terminal
EIB 7: since 2008 AMX driver - IP Config Tool * - AVIT Terminal
EIB 6: since 2006 AMX driver
EIB 4: since 2002 AMX NX driver
AMX AX driver
EIB 3: before 2002 AMX driver

* Please note the IP Config Tools only work with the correct Gateway.These are two different versions.
The ASCII control protocol is working with the gateways starting EIB 7 and abouve.


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