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Where do I get the Productdatabase (VD File) for the ETS Software?

There is none, the Gateway doesn't need to be put into the ETS. If you would like to do this anyway, you can just use any line coupler. The physical address could be changed by using the AVIT Terminal. See: "How can I change the physical address?".

AVIT-Terminal Download

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How can I change the IP-Address of the CTG-KNX/IP?

The IP-Address can be changed by using the "CTG-KNX_IPConfig" Tool from the CD which comes with the Gateway. Connect the Gateway up to the network, but it's always the best to connect directly to your PC using a crossed network cable. The Software will search for the Gateway using a broadcast. In case it couldn't be found anyway, change the Broadcast address. The Address is blocked in Windows Vista. So try an Address from your own IP-Segment, e.g. or

When the Gateway has been discovered, but the Type is displayed with "???", you're in another IP segment. Change your IP-Address, so you're on the same IP segment like the Gateway. Then you are able to change the IP-Address and set the new configuration.

CTG-KNX IP-Config Download

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How can I setup the filtertable?

The filtertable should normaly be filled automaticaly from the media control system. If your system does not do it automaticaly, you can do you manualy.

See the attached Protocoll Quick Start Guide.

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Can I retrieve the groupadresses from the EIB Gateway?

No. The Groupadresse can not be retrieved. The media control system writes the adresses into the filtertable in the gateway on startup. They can not be retrieved after that, you can only erase them and add it again.

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What is the control protocoll of the gateway (RS-232/IP)?

The control protokoll works for the Rs-232 and the IP Gateway.

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What do I have to consider in case I have more than one Line, or Line-Segment?

In case you want to control Groupaddresses, which are on another Linesegment, another Line or even another Area, so this is only possible when setting up these Groupaddresses in the ETS, that they are being forward through couplers. If you would like to control multiple areas from a centralized control system anyway, but don't wont to forward Groupaddresses through couplers, you will need one Gateway per Line-Segment.

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How can I connect the AVIT Terminal to the Gateway?

Start the Software and go to the interface settings. To go there, click on "Settings" in the menubar and then on "Interface".

Chose connection type "Network"
IP-Address: your configuration or use the CTG-KNX_IP-Config Tool to find out.
Port: 10002
You maybe need to uncheck the "UDP Connection"! In case of connection problems, please make sure that no other programm (Stardraw) is already connected to the gateway or the outgoing connection is blocked by a Firewall.

Chose connection type "Serial" and the right interface.
Baudrate: 38.400
Databits: 8
Stopbits: 1
Parity: N (None)
Flow Control: Without

Click on "OK" and then on the green triangle. Now you should be connected to the Gateway, if the textbox is white. You can test this by simply typing in a question mark "?" and send it with Return. The Gateway will reply with an command list.

AVIT-Terminal download

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How can I change/set the Physical Address?

The physical address can be set using the AVIT Terminal. Connect to the Gateway. Click on "Settings" -> "Media Gateway". Here you can now set the physical address and click then on "Send". In case it's disabled, you're not connected.

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Is it possible to use the CTG-KNX/IP gateway to programm the KNX Bus?

No, the gateway is not designed for the ETS Software, it offers only a ASCII protocol to control the KNX Bus through a third party control system.

What do I need to consider when using the Gateway with a third party control system? / What do I need to setup on the Gateway?

Before you're able to use the Gateway with a third party control system , you will need to do the correct settings first as well as updating the Filter table. Therefore please connect to the Gateway using the AVIT Terminal. Click on "Settings" -> "Media Gateway". First please make sure that the Options OE and OX are turned on, if not so please set them and click on "Send".

Now we need to update the filter table, by adding your groupaddresses. Please type in your groupaddress at "GA:" and select the correct datatype from "Format", e.g. 1 for a 1-4 Bit address and 5 for a dimmer. Click on "Add" to append them to the list below. Add the next Address the same way. You can also export the list to a textfile, edit it in notepad and import it again.

Do not forget to finally click on "Send" and close the dialog with "OK". Now you're able to test your Gateway by simply typing in this command into the textbox:


{GA} is the Groupaddress and {Value} is the value to set. To turn on e.g. a switch with the groupaddress1/0/1 you would need to send:


You're also able to get values, but only if the Read-Flag was set by the ETS Software. Just use:


But please make sure you closed the AVIT Terminal, otherwise the control system can't connect to the CTG-KNX/IP!

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