Autonomic Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio Done Right

Whether the job is to make the owner’s favorite music accessible in every room of the new house or you are asked to provide a way to play background music in a small or medium-sized commercial project – chances are, that there will be an IT network installed already that can be used to distribute audio to various rooms and/or listening zones without the need to run additional cables. That’s convenient, but if you are going to rely on IT infrastructure for that purpose, as a system integrator you want to be sure that you use the best and most reliable solution available, and that it integrates easily with the control system of your choice. This is exactly what the Autonomic system has been designed to be, and it boasts true high-resolution Hi-Fi sound quality, as well.

Because Autonomic uses IP-based network infrastructure, you are completely free how to design your system. A centralized solution in which rack-mounted components feed all rooms and zones from a single location is as easily done as an open layout with up to 16 servers in different locations on the same network. Either option can be scaled to include up to 96 dedicated listening zones and can handle up to 32 different audio streams at any time.

You are able store a near limitless amount of music on one or more Autonomic servers but the system also supports a wide range of popular online services, including Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer and TuneIn among others. Any iDevice connected to the same network as the Autonomic system can also become a source for music via the integrated AirPlay feature.

Unlike many other multiroom audio solutions, Autonomic isn’t limited to CD-quality or even compressed sound formats but is able to stream high-resolution master tape quality (24bits/192kHz) into every room.

Autonomic provides a proprietary control app called Mirage but because the system has been designed with the integrator in mind and to be as flexible as possible it is also compatible with most common control systems like RTi, Crestron, AMX, Control4 and Savant. This offers a wide range of possibilities how to control the system, ranging from apps on the user’s mobile devices to wall mounted control points and touchscreens.