Ashly designs and builds innovative audio systems for churches, restaurants, hotels, schools, courtrooms, health clubs, council chambers — any place that needs good sound.

40 years of pro audio experience for guaranteed customer satisfaction

We meld easy-to-use control software, smart multi-mode DSP-laden power amplifiers, matrix processors, ingenious compact digital mixers and good old school analog signal processors into practical, affordable solutions. Established in Webster, NY; we’re going strong after 40+ great years.


Some installations “need it all” but don’t have the space or the budget for a large equipment rack packed with amplifiers and DSP processors. Our Mixer-Amplifiers combine robust, cool-running Ashly power amplifiers with premium microphone preamplifiers, line and stereo line inputs and our advanced Ashly AquaControl™ software. All in one rack space! Select inputs, mix (or automix) and process them with full DSP including EQ, ducking, and compression/limiting, then route them via low-impedance or constant voltage amplification to multiple zones. AquaControl is “platform agnostic” with embedded software controlled by any web browser.

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Power Amplifiers

Ashly offers a diverse range of power amps, each engineered to address various application challenges Many of them are custom-configurable to exactly match your project needs.

nX- Series has a remarkably broad offering of configurations and power ratings — 2 & 4 ch. versions from 75W to 3,000W per ch. and Multi-mode operation covering impedances from 2Ω to 100V. Available as base models or with Ethernet, Protea DSP & Digital Audio connectivity options handle demanding installed applications, especially those requiring various power ratings and speaker types.

Next is ne-Series with networkable 4 & 8-ch. x 250W models specifically designed for multi-zone distribution applications. Also available with Protea DSP & Digital IO options and at specific impedances (LowZ, 25V, 70V & 100V) for different system requirements.

Pêma is a true “System-in-a-box” for churches, schools and retail environments. With 4 & 8 channel x 125W or 250W and standard Ethernet, DSP & built in Class A Mic preamps, pêma handles a variety of live mixing, music distribution and paging applications.

KLR Series is our 2-channel brute force workhorse — no bells and whistles, just raw, relentless power from 1,000 to 2,500W per ch. and stable 2Ω operation to satisfy even the most current-sucking subwoofers.


For “quiet” situations, our new FA Series High Density convection-cooled amps [FA is not convection, but fan-cooled. Though they are extremely quiet], TRA, and SRA offer compact 2 & 4-channel power solutions that are as stream-lined as they are stealthy.


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Ashly designed the AW Series to match or exceed the performance of more expensive on-wall speakers…yet at a price point that can contribute to a winning bid — and a satisfied customer. Here’s how.For this type of speaker, music and speech are equally important. Both rely on a large “sweet spot” and off-axis intelligibility. Many speakers strive only for ON-axis frequency response and pay too little attention to OFF-axis system response.

IS Series speakers sound great right out of the box. But using them with Ashly amps and DSP makes their performance even more amazing!
Advanced DSP voice presets (available for free from the Ashly website) for both Protêa and AquaControl™ DSP-equipped amps provide sophisticated processing (PEQ, HPF/LPF, FIR filters, X-Over and Delay) to deliver optimal performance for a variety of venues by providing flat frequency response across the listening area without the need for complicated and time-consuming manual adjustments

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Digital Mixers

It doesn’t take a ginormous mixer to have precise control over your performance. digiMix™ digital mixers pack an astonishing feature set into a compact space. You get features that other mixers in this price range simply cannot include, such as 6 DCA groups, genuine Alps motorized fader and an ingenious EZ-Mode for the non-technical user with no audio mixing experience.

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DSP Matrix-, System- and Loudspeaker Processors


We’ve applied our proven Protēa Windows-based Control Software to a remarkably broad range of matrix system, and speaker processors. Protēa give you greater preset capacity than any dedicated DSP system, and a very intuitive visual representation of the audio routing and control process. All three Protēa DSP line are third-party control friendly.


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DSP and Control Software

Ashly came to understand long ago, that while great sound is important, what makes a great audio product is a positive user experience. It was upon that premise that Ashly developed its successful DSP software that not only provides powerful tools, but was also intuitive and easy to use. While others were offering software that required a PhD in computer science to use, Ashly was providing a software experience that allowed users to get right to work, designing and implementing effective audio solutions for their clients.

Make it work.
Make it Simple.
That’s our credo.

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The final touch for an installed system. 

Whether you need multi-channel control over various inputs using a single standard Cat-5 cable or traditional wall remotes that fit standard wall boxes, we have you covered. 

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