Arthur Holm

ARTHUR HOLM – State of the art display solutions for conference rooms

ARTHUR HOLM is a leading European brand of state of the art motorized, retractable and stationary monitors whose designs are based on high end quality materials and cutting edge technology. ARTHUR HOLM’s product range is 100 % customizable and comprises retractable monitors, foldable, unfoldable, rotatable, single and double face, design wall-integration screens, multimedia kiosks and information totems

Issues of conference rooms

Typical problem

Within a company communication is the driving force of development and communication and according to a recent study, more than 80% of innovative and creative ideas come during personal conversations. Therefore, in the last 20 years the time dedicated to interactive and personal communication has multiplied, which is to say, conferences. Conventional screen solutions need too much space in the conference rooms and according to the limited space on conference tables an insufficient amount of monitors leads into badly visibility conditions. .

The Solution

No matter if you need flexible and retractable screens solutions IN the table, classic desktop products ON the table for your daily business, or demanding displays attaching AT/IN the wall, the broadcast electronic engineers will provide the latest technology whereas the design of Arthur Holm team will take care to offer an exclusive appearance. Individual solutions and cutting the edge design for your conference room and venue.

Your advantage

Both high end monitors & devices and innovative mounting solutions with patented motorized movements out of one hand and manufacturer. With the push of a button the space-saving conference room technique folds out of the table. Silent and reliable motor units hide all devises beneath the table when you don´t need to use them. Combine and profit from other products in our COMM-TEC portfolio like Barco Clickshare, Bachmann facility systems or Televic microphones made for conference room installations.

IN the table

Dynamic monitors can be integrated and flush mounted into conference tables of your choice

Dynamic 2

Dynamic 2
  • vertically retractable screen lift
  • Adjustable tilting angle from 0° to 20°


Dynamic 3

  • horizontal foldable screen
  • Adjustable tilting angle from 0° to 20°
  • 180° rotation movement


Built entirely of aluminum Dynamic monitors offer a discreet and timeless design. The anodised finish provides a soft silky effect, is extremely resistant and serves to dissipate heat. The glass protects the screen, reduces “mirror” effect, allows for natural transparent color and can work (optionally) as a touch surface. The back of the screen can be covered with leather or wood, allowing a uniform table finishing when the screen is fully retracted. The monitors are available in semi-automatic and motorised versions. Sensors stop the movements in case of detection of resistance in order to protect the user. The screen’s lifting system automatically activates the elevation of the tray, where keyboard and mouse (optional) can be placed. The use of ERT interfaces allows an easy and cost effective remote control and remote diagnose.

On the table

Tabletop, Desktop, Book & Gooseneck monitor solutions stand for the classical desktop monitor products enhanced by timeless optical design and better functionality for every work place.


    Stylish screen with rotatable gooseneck up to 90°


On-desk solutions concerning monitors for meeting tables, where no furniture intervention is desired – the furniture tables stay the same and rest untreated. The optionally tilting function within the desktop monitors grant perfect viewing angels for a long-term use and ergonomics on the table at work. Light but massive bases accord the products a safe stand at information desks and conference rooms.

AT/IN the table


  • In-Wall integration
  • “clip-on front” system to perfect fit into the wall



  • On-Wall integration
  • Wall mounts with security locking to prevent theft