Six good reasons why Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) is the right partner for you

  • A clear distribution concept
    Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) adheres strictly to the concept of being a true distributor, i.e. offering products, solutions, information, technical support and competent help to professional dealers and systems integrators ONLY, never to end-users. You are dealing with a partner, not a competitor.
  • Innovative technologies
    Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) puts the products and technologies of tomorrow at your disposal today! Our contacts and relationships with the industry's most important manufacturers allow us access to information which contributes to your competitive edge!
  • A market-oriented product range
    Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) negotiates for you with the worldwide leading manufacturers to gain access to the market’s most sought-after technologies. Compatibility with the other products in our range is guaranteed from the start.
  • Skilled support
    Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) supports you with an extensive offer of services designed with one goal in mind: to help you grow your business. Competent technical support, project planning assistance, programming help and up-to-date information all contribute to this goal.
  • Support for planners
    Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) is in constant contact with consultants and architects to inform, advise and support them in their designs with the latest information, data, application examples and architectural specifications. A special consultant hotline (24/7) rounds out this service.
  • Prompt and reliable delivery and post-sales service
    Exertis Pro AV's (formerly COMM-TEC) warehouse in the heart of Europe provides for quick availability, short lead times, reliability and quality of service.